LiteBIRD: Lite (Light) satellite for the studies of B-mode polarization and Inflation from cosmic background Radiation Detection


About an overview of LiteBIRD overview、please see the image (we are sorry that descriptions are in Japanese there).

The basic concept of LiteBIRD follows:

  1. 1) Design a satellite optimized for the observation of large-scale (>degree) CMB B-mode polarization.
  2. 2) Design a reasonably light and small satellite to maximize the chance for launch.

Major specifications follow:

Item Specification
Observation duration 3 years
Orbit Sun–Earth L2 (LEO as an option)
Cooling system Similar to SPICA (no cryogen) with ST/JT combination and ADR to have the base temperature of 0.1K.
Focal-plane detector Superconducting detector array (TES or MKID) with about 2000 sensors
Sensitivity 2 micro-Kelvin x arcmin
Observing frequencies 6 bands between 50 and 320 GHz
Modulation Satellite spin and half-wave-plate modulation

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