LiteBIRD: Lite (Light) satellite for the studies of B-mode polarization and Inflation from cosmic background Radiation Detection

News & Topics

2016-09-30 LiteBIRD has started ISAS Phase-A1
2016-03-19 “Exploring the Universe before the Hot Big Bang with LiteBIRD” symposium held in PSJ Annual Meeting
2015-12-16 “B mode from Space” workshop held at Kavli IPMU
2015-09-25 LiteBIRD is down-selected as one of Strategic Large Mission candidates by ISAS.
2015-04-01 LiteBIRD is selected as one of Core-to-Core FY2015 Projects by JSPS.
2014-08-06 LiteBIRD is selected as one of 10 projects newly listed in “Roadmap 2014 on promotion of large research projects” by MEXT.
2014-03-13 LiteBIRD is selected as one of 27 highest-priority large projects by the Science Council of Japan.
2013-06-14 CMB2013 conference held in Okinawa
2012-03-24 This web page created.


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